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Welcome to JGC
Dear Judy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful cake you made for Brad and I. Our wedding cake was absolutely the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. You made it look exactly as I've always pictured it to be. Brad's groom cake was wonderful also.

The traditional cakes gourmet chocolate oblivion truffle torts and cheesecakes were the most, thank you thank you.

Our guests raved all night about how moist and delicious your cakes were. I will personally call you to have any birthday or special occasion cake made for me from now on. Thank you for being so nice to us and helping us get through our big day without any "cake" worries.

Thank you again.
With great appreciation,

Mona L

Special wedding cake for a very special wedding!
Linda and Judy the Chef

Contact: Judy (805) 644-1483
cell# (805) 794-9742

Contact us

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: cell# (805) 794-9742
E-mail Addresses : Contact us
Location : Riverside CA.

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